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15 Pointers to help you prepare for your corporate photo shoot

When it comes to generating a strong first impression, a high-quality professional headshot may make or break your chances. When someone visits your portfolio website, résumé, or LinkedIn profile, they are likely to see your business headshot first. This means that in order to stand out, you’ll need to show oneself as nicely as possible.

Here are 15 recommendations for being properly prepared for your corporate photo shoot to assist you.

  •  Understand your target market

Examine other online profiles and websites that cater to your target market. Then, for the most part, base the rest of the details on how you want this group to perceive you.

Knowing your target demographic and simplifying your brand can also aid you in deciding what kind of photographs to purchase. If you want full-body photographs or cropped headshots, let your photographer know. The ambiance of your office should be similar to that of other corporate pictures from firms where you aspire to work.

  • Speak with your professional photographer

After you’ve determined your target demographic, talk to your photographer about it. Inquire about their opinions on your appearance and presentation, as well as preparations for the photo session. Before you begin, speak with your professional photographer and ask for any advice they may have. Lighting, angle, and outfit color suggestions are all included. If you have a deadline to fulfill, it’s also a good idea to talk about photo turnaround time.

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  • Choose your outfit

Think about your target audience and the attire you’re wearing. If you want to work in a traditional setting, use neutral and subtle colors. More expressive colors may work well if you’re interested in design or other artistic disciplines. Whether you’re doing a full-body or headshot shoot, consider whether you want your attire to highlight your curves. You can choose the perfect dress for you by researching whether colors or prints complement your skin tone and body form.

  • Look after your hair

You never get another chance to make a good first impression, but you can always change your look afterwards. A few days before your corporate photo shoot, get a professional haircut. Even if you prefer bright, outlandish colors or unconventional haircuts, now is the time to make concessions. Before you walk out on the red carpet or in front of the camera, rehearse how to style your hair for corporate shots.

  • Learn how to smile

People’s perceptions of you are heavily influenced by how you smile. Take photos of yourself with several smiles in various lighting to evaluate which one best suits you. Once you’ve found your ideal smile, practice it until it’s second nature. It’s the ideal opportunity to demonstrate your self-assurance.

  • Practice your makeup

You don’t want to show up to the studio wearing blazing pink eyeshadow or foundation that doesn’t match. Alternatively, you might have professional makeup applied before the shoot.

  • Elegance in your accessories

In a professional atmosphere, simple accessories are preferable. People are less likely to take you seriously if you wear large hoop earrings or necklaces, dazzling rings, or enormous and ostentatious timepieces. Silver, gold, and rose gold all look different on various people, so try on some pieces and take some personal shots. Consider hiding any piercings on your face with cosmetics for photo day. Ask your photographer about glare and try wearing contacts for a cleaner shot to avoid smudging or harming your eyesight in photos.

  • Get used to posing

Try out some different stances in front of the mirror. Your posture should be relaxed and natural. Whatever pose you want, it should appear as if you sit or stand in that position every day. Consider your facial angle, your posture, and how you hold your hands.

  • The day before: Prepare

A bad diet, lack of hydration, or lack of sleep might make you look tired. In the days preceding up to your photo shoot, make sure you eat healthily and drink plenty of water. Get at least eight hours of sleep the night before, and make sure to exercise regularly.

It’s also a good idea to shave the night before, whether your face or your legs, to avoid razor burns.

  • Find a confident headspace and practice it

Spend as much time as possible leading up to your photo shoot practicing slipping into a tranquil, powerful, and confident state of mind. When it comes to front-person shots, no matter what you wear on the outside, true confidence will flow through from within.

  • Have a backup date

If you become ill or your circumstances change, you should be prepared to reschedule. Always get professional images done indoors so that the weather does not become an issue. It’s also a good idea to talk to any professional stylists about cancellation policies and notice periods.

  • Plan around your team

If you’re going to a group photo shoot, make sure your enthusiasm matches the mood. Be certain and calm, but don’t appear to be attempting to outshine anyone. Consult the photography studio about the amount of time they recommend for a group of your size.

Ascertain that no one is rushed or stressed. Using a service like Nimbus can help to streamline the process so that everyone can concentrate on looking their best on set.

  • Prepare an emergency kit

Makeup, shoes, contacts, and a full change of clothes can all be included in a backup supply kit. A small sewing kit or some safety pins would be useful additions.

  • Practice with family or friends

Here are some pointers to help you feel more confident and at ease in your corporate character as you prepare for a picture session. Practice coordinating your outfits, cosmetics, haircut, poses, and smile. When you arrive for the shoot, nothing should feel unfamiliar.

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  • Always double-check last-minute details

Flyaway strands of hair, lipstick marks on your teeth, and crooked or wrinkled clothing are all things to look for. If something goes wrong during the shoot, have hair gel and makeup remover in your emergency pack.


When taking a professional portrait, small things can make all the difference. Your initial impression is vital, so learn to present yourself in the best light possible. For your friends and family, don’t be scared to try out different stances and smiles. This is your chance to shine. If you are looking for photographers near me check out BUFFALO PHOTOGRAPHY PROS.