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wife and daughter smashing man into cake

All The Information You Need Regarding Cake Smash Photography

Some photographic trends come and go. Before you can blink, it becomes the newest hip thing, and then the novelty rapidly wears off. The cake smash is another popular trend that is quickly rising on the list of first-year milestones that must be documented. In order to capture the vast range of emotions, a professional photographer with experience is required.

So why isn’t cake smash photos more common?


I’m afraid that the cake smash session won’t be as FUN and adorable as a staged newborn portrait.
Uncertainty: Who should have the cake—the parents or the photographer?
Is the cake really going to get smashed by the infant for us (the photographer) to obtain good pictures?
Let’s take these out one at a time. Let’s start now that we are through my amusing puns.


  • Safety: Whether photographing a newborn or a cake smash, I place a high priority on child safety. A newborn may have allergies to substances like wheat, eggs, and refined sugar. I always request that the parents bring the cake because of this. They can select the style and colors thanks to this as well.
  • Smash Cake Design: I advise parents to order a custom cake. Usually, the outcomes are substantially better. We don’t need a three-layer cake, despite the giant cake craze. The same outcomes are achieved for a more affordable price with a medium cake. Here are some great suggestions for smash cakes.
  • Smash Cake Colors: Cakes in the shades of pink, white, yellow, and light green photograph beautifully and complement the majority of backgrounds. Also, I enjoy oranges. It is vivid and helps the images stand out. Avoid red, blue, and chocolate since they don’t look nice when wet and are difficult to clean.
  • Choose whipped or buttercream frosting for the smash cake decorations so that the child can easily eat them. Avoid fondant because it can be difficult to break and pose a choking risk. Sprinkles? Yes, if you can do so without having to change your design.

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Close your eyes and dream, it’s a trick I’ve always found to be effective. One-year-old who is attentive and obedient to instructions is seated in front of a cake. You say, “Dig in!” They will follow you and smash the cake with the happiest smile they can muster.

You must have seen this one coming a mile away, I’m sure. A dream; the real world is different.

  • Practice: Keep in mind that the infant is just one year old and may be reluctant to explore novel flavors, textures, or shapes. especially when surrounded by others clapping and making amusing noises to encourage them. So, eliminate the fear. I advise parents to practice at home with cupcakes that have frosting on top (ideally in the same colors) before the session (i.e. everyone sits on the floor). Although this isn’t a perfect approach, it has worked well for others. A tiny piece of cake may, incidentally, help parents discover any sensitivities they were unaware of beforehand.

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