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Does my family need a mini session?

You may be considering scheduling a small session for your family photography.

You might be wondering how having an outside short session will compare to a newborn or infant session we did for you in the studio. Or maybe this is only the beginning of our conversation.

This article will outline what a mini session is, who the sessions are best suited for, and why they aren’t always the best option for every family.

How do mini sessions work?

Mini sessions, which we only offer on a select few days between April and November, are family photography intended to provide families a fast update of their family portraits.

Outdoors is where the sessions are held, and each family has a 20–25 minute session with us on the day of a short session. Each little session package comes with some prints and digital photos.

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When would mini sessions not be appropriate?

Mini sessions can only last 20 to 25 minutes, therefore there are some situations where they might not be a suitable fit.

First of all, infants younger than six months old should avoid micro sessions. Given the limited time we have for the mini session, it can be very challenging to keep young newborns content and pose them beautifully for shots outdoors. Consider a Milestone Session if your child is younger than six months old.

Second, a mini session isn’t appropriate if your child or children  are really shy, need time to get used to strangers, or aren’t likely to sit or stand when asked for pictures.

Having everyone in the proper location for each shot is crucial because, despite the fact that our photography approach is natural, the pictures we take are not “unposed.” Instead, each picture is a carefully balanced combination of location, comfortable posing, and lighting.

The majority of families will discover that even if a small session isn’t ideal for them right now, it might be 6 to 12 months from now. For instance, between the ages of 1.5 and 2.5, many toddlers experience moments when they are independent, insist on doing what they want, or have a full meltdown. (We can speak from our experience; our youngest is 26 months old as we write this.)

In general, we advise against scheduling a small session when a child is in this stage since there simply isn’t enough time for us to wait while the tantrum passes. But if you wait a year, a photo shoot with your almost 3-year-old will probably be quite a different experience.

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Ready to make a mini session booking?

We really hope that this guidance has assisted you in determining whether a short session is appropriate for your family at this time. Please get in touch with Buffalo Photography Pros for your upcoming family photography. Nearly all types of photographic sessions are catered by us. We also offer videography for any events; our team of skilled photographers and videographers will get the greatest shots for you and your family. We hope to see you soon.