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Great photo locations in Buffalo, New York

The best photography settings in and around Buffalo, New York are highlighted in this article. From sunsets to skylines, nature to landmarks, you can find stunning locations all nearby the Queen City. Even the best photographers occasionally need a place to shoot, and this blog will give you exactly that. Even though there are numerous locations included here, Buffalo and Western New York’s gorgeous locations cannot all be adequately described. However, we hope that you, the reader, will find this information useful and that you will use it as a springboard for your photography ambitions. We also hope that this page grows to be a significant repository for both stunning photography and general knowledge.

Visit these beautiful locations to break away from the routine and reconnect with the New York State locales that we take for granted every day.


When it comes to taking pictures, the Erie Basin Marina in Buffalo will never let you down. As you approach the marina, you can’t miss a stunning display of flower beds if you enjoy photographing flowers. The magnificent skyline of Buffalo is frequently photographed from the marina. Some of the best shots of the marina, skyline, and Lake Erie sunsets may be taken from the top of the tower if you don’t mind climbing a steep flight of stairs.

One of the top spots to capture a Western New York sunset is the Erie Basin Marina.

Let’s not overlook one of the Marina’s most popular photo spots. The Buffalo lighthouse tower, which was finished in 1833, was constructed to warn ships that they were getting close to the Niagara River and the port of Buffalo. It seems that one can never get a terrible photo of the lighthouse, regardless of the time of day.

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Williamsville’s Glen Falls is another well-liked photo destination. Photographers travel here all year long because it offers some of the best four-season shots available. Regardless of photographing ability, a lot of people are drawn to this site by the park environment and duck ponds. A state of meditation can virtually be induced by the sound of the falls.


The Village of Youngstown was founded in 1854 and was given the name of John Young. This charming tiny town, which borders the Niagara River and Lake Ontario, is located 10 minutes’ drive north of Lewiston. Photos of sailboats and sunsets can be taken from an excellent vantage point at the Youngstown Yacht Club.

N. Tonawanda

The largest park in Tonawanda is called Niawanda Park. There is a fishing pier, a boat launch, picnic tables, a restroom, and a walking/biking route. Another fantastic spot to watch sunsets in Western New York is from this vantage point along the river.


South of Buffalo, in a small town called Varysburg, there are about 4,000 people living there. In this small Wyoming County village, the Hidden Valley Animal Adventure, where you can take a trolley trip and see hundreds of wild and exotic animals, is one of the newest and greatest places for photography. With many of the creatures from Africa and other parts of the world, it’s like being on a safari in Western New York! The Hidden Valley Animal Adventure is home to a variety of animals, including zebras, ostriches, reindeer, elk, buffalo, water bison, wildebeest, camels, and more.


South of Buffalo, close to Strykersville, is where you’ll find Sheldon. The Sheldon Wind Farm is located in the town. As a result, you can capture stunning images of enormous windmills placed against a rural backdrop of rolling hills and woods. Whatever your personal opinions on wind energy, the Sheldon Wind Farm project offers many people stunning views. The windmills’ scale alone is amazing, making seeing them up close unlike many other encounters. Like most sites, these sights shine even brighter in the fall as the leaves change hues.


Another little town, Arcade, New York, is roughly an hour’s drive south of Buffalo. Samantha the author and the renowned Arcade & Attica Railroad, a sizable steam-powered train dating back to 1880, are both from Arcade. The Arcade & Attica presently runs between Arcade, New York, to Curriers, New York, passing through rural areas the entire route. During Arcade’s “Civil War Days” celebration, Arcade & Attica also hosts unique activities such tailored Fall Foliage Tours, rides with seasonal characters (Easter Bunny, Santa), and a Civil War Reenactment tour. Take a ride on this steel wonder to capture a piece of history and enjoy the stunning views along the way.

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