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Photographing Professional Headshots

Photographing Professional Headshots

One of the most important parts of a business professional’s entire marketing strategy is their professional headshot. Your ideal client will be drawn to you thanks to a strong headshot. Before someone has an opportunity to meet you in person, they will base their opinion of you on this image.

The likelihood that someone may refer you to family or friends based only on how comfortable they feel around you can have a significant impact on your headshot. Far more people will view your photo than will ever get the opportunity to meet you in person. Where will your headshot be used—on your website, in advertisements, on LinkedIn, or in your email signature? Whatever your professional position, people will evaluate you based on how you appear.

Selecting a competent photographer

Consideration should be given to selecting the best photographer as well as the appropriate image.

I’ll ask you to smile and act serious throughout your professional headshot photography session as I take a variety of shots of you. I might even tell you a stupid joke if I think you need to loosen up. So, how do you want to be perceived by a potential client or future employer?

Important elements of an excellent headshot

This article tells you why you should always pick Buffalo Photography Pros in business photography.

1. no obstructive eyewear

The conclusion is that when your eyes are covered in any way, whether it be with glasses or another object, likeability drops significantly.

Make sure your glasses are clear and that the frame does not distract from your eyes if you wear them. You want your glasses to complement how you look as a whole. Pick a photographer who understands how to minimize or completely eliminate glare.

2. slightly squinted eyes

Simply put, smizing, or slightly squinting your eyes as you smile, communicates comfort and assurance. Wide-open eyes give off a fearful vibe (like a deer in headlights). If you squint just a little, you gain from everything. You’re a badass.

3. Smile broadly

It helps to smile, especially when your teeth are on display. The impact of a closed-mouth smile on likeability is typically roughly half as great. If necessary, I will happily whiten teeth digitally.

4. Dress well

You get the idea—tie, jacket, modest jewelry.

If you don’t want to wear a tie or a jacket, it is acceptable as long as you try to seem fashionable. Dress professionally for your job.

5. Stay truthful to reality

Update your profile picture.

A dated image gives the wrong impression. Age can be a sign of wisdom. new hairstyle, shaved facial hair, etc. Make some fresh headshots.

6. Clarity

Simply put, a blurry or underexposed photo is bad.

7. abundant light

Last but not least, make sure your face is well-lit and free of many shadows. The use of dramatic lighting is not advised for a professional headshot.

And if you think you need more pointers to help you in your business photography? This article is for you.

Are you prepared for the spotlight? Set up a shoot by calling me at 716-671-7955 or sending an email to amanda@buffalophotographypros.com. We are happy to help you to get the perfect headshot for you.