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Six Newborn Photography Tips

You may believe as a new mother that taking beautiful newborn photographs of your child cannot possibly be that difficult.

1. Plan the scene

Immediately after the family comes, I usually turn the thermostat to 80 degrees. Warmth will keep the baby warm as you go through the session and will assist to reduce blotchy skin. They hardly notice the temperature rising as it gradually warms up. As soon as they come for your photo shoot, have mom nurse her baby. The infant will begin the session with a full tummy, and this will aid in everyone’s ability to relax. Pulling her close to the window or to the side of the room might work. To capture the bond, consider shooting from above or over her shoulder, using shadows to assist conceal sensitive regions. Keep a noise maker close by to assist lull the baby to sleep and prevent easy wakings. This iPhone app is great! Setting it to Red Noise, I tuck it under the blanket so that it is close to the infant but out of the way.

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2. Remain simple with newborn props and poses

Since the baby is the main subject of the shot, you don’t need a ton of infant props to make beautiful ones. The less is more approach will reduce your stress levels, speed up your session, and—perhaps most importantly—enable you to get gorgeous photos for your portfolio. These positions are simple to execute, and a single setup can yield a number of pictures. To add more variety to your client’s gallery, you can also take shots from various angles. The simplest method is to carefully pull the infant’s hands or feet out at an angle. As they interact with their new baby, this is a wonderful chance to brag about them to your friends and relatives. Swaddling the infant can make it easier for the older youngster to cling on.

3. Justify the light

When photographing a baby, make sure the top of their head is lit from as natural an angle as you can. Always use an angled light rather than a direct source of light to create beautiful depth in the image and avoid casting heavy shadows over a baby’s eyes.

4. Not always bad for a newborn to be awake

Some of the arrangements here are excellent for a perceptive baby who is also quiet. I prefer to capture the infant resting soundly in the majority of my photos. But typically, I aim to capture a few images of a baby with their eyes open by capitalizing on their alertness.

5. Safety in newborn photography

When you need to stand over a baby, always utilize a solid stool or chair. Be sure to cover the area beneath the infant with pillows if you are elevating them in a basket, bucket, or bean bag. If the infant is unstable or unable to hold the pose on their own, use a spotter. Although the two weeks immediately following birth are usually the greatest for photography, you won’t completely miss the newborn window if you have to wait out an illness.

6. Post management of newborn photos

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Don’t worry if things don’t go according to plan; simply enjoy yourself and draw lessons from your blunders. Always remember that it is fun to take newborn photographs.