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a picture of a wedding album done by a professional

Wedding album done by a professional

Hello, hello! If you’ve ever wondered, “What’s the difference between your albums and music available for purchase online?” “You’ve come to the correct location!”. It’s easy to get confused these days with so many options available online!

So, here are four reasons why you should hire a professional to design and create your album! Also, there are certain reasons why you should avoid using a less expensive company for your wedding album.


An album’s materials can make or break it. The paper, binding, and ink quality, for example. Everything has an impact on the end result. That’s why we had all of our couples’ albums handcrafted in a professional, high-quality printing lab.

We employ a printing lab that manufactures wedding albums out of genuine leather or elegantly woven linen with thick lay-flat pages (so nothing gets lost in the folds!). They also utilize high-end ink to ensure that your photographs are accurate in color and not distorted.

What’s the best part? Those “commercially” defined phrases aren’t simply for show. It’s true. They are professionally bound and printed, and real people assist in the assembly! They’re also checked for flaws from cover to cover before being shipped out!

Albums that you may get online from companies who mass-produce their products and employ low-quality materials to cut money (hit-or-miss ink colors, flimsy paper, cheap binding, etc.). We would not want our wedding memories to be stored in this manner. They come across as cheap and plastic in the end. As a result, we recommend hiring a respected studio that uses high-quality materials to create your heirloom wedding album.


The distinction between Buffalo Photography Pros’ albums and online albums is straightforward. Every album is created by us. Yes. Yes, you read that correctly. We create the layouts, picture placements, and other elements of your album to ensure that it is attractive and timeless. Plus, during your modifications, you may tell us which photographs to swap and which layouts to update, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Most commercial web album designers, on the other hand, offer pre-made designs that aren’t perfect for wedding albums. They can make your wedding album feel childish with the stickers and words included.

Also, to make your wedding a more memorable day. Add a little spice by knowing all the trends in todays wedding.


This is one of the most significant advantages of having your album created by a professional photographer and lab! You can count on your album to last the duration of your marriage because it will be created of high-quality materials. Little hands won’t be able to rip the thick, durable pages. The binding will not fall apart with time! Online alternatives that are less expensive usually start falling apart after 5 to 10 years. With age, the binding begins to be unglued, and the pages begin to wear and break.


As previously stated, we design each album by hand! With that, we’ve created a simple, stress-free method for our couples to acquire beautiful albums without the trouble! They don’t have to start over and figure out what to do! We undertake all of the legwork for our couples by making an initial album proof, so all they have to do is pick the cover and change a few photographs here and there!

Now that you know more about wedding album, capture the best photos to put in the album by hiring Buffalo Photography Pros.