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What sets a newborn session apart from an older child shoot?

You may be considering scheduling a photo session for your newborn.

The components of a newborn session and an older newborn session, as well as their distinctions, will be covered in this blog. Babies 5 to 14 days old are eligible for newborn sessions. Babies are often very drowsy at this age and still like curling up in the fetal positions they enjoyed in the womb. Many infants of this age like to have their legs completely curled up against their stomachs. This implies that newborns typically enjoy sleeping for extended amounts of time and enjoy the ‘curly’ newborn photography positions. During a newborn session, the majority of the time will be spent taking individual shots of your baby in various curled-up, drowsy poses.

We’ll spend a portion of the session doing family portraits, including pictures of each parent holding their newborn, pictures of siblings (if you have older kids), and pictures of the entire family. We may also shoot one or two awake pictures of your kid if they are awake and content at some point during the session. However, not all infants of this age experience calm and awake times, thus this doesn’t occur in every session.

What takes place during a session with an older newborn?

For infants 2 to 8 weeks old, older newborn sessions are available.

Babies typically stay awake for longer stretches after two weeks and enjoy stretching out and uncurling. This implies that compared to a newborn session, we typically have less “sleepy time” to work with, and that newborns might not feel comfortable in the “curly” newborn postures.

Because of this, the older newborn session is divided differently: half of the session is spent photographing your baby napping in poses that are cozy for older newborn babies, part of the session is spent photographing them awake, and part of the session is spent taking family photos.

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What sets a newborn session apart from an older newborn session?

What distinguishes a newborn session from an older newborn session now that we’ve looked at an overview of each session type?

In an older newborn session, we will spend less time concentrating on taking sleeping pictures and more time concentrating on poses that are suitable for older newborns.

In comparison to a newborn session, your baby will be awake for more photos during an older newborn session. 
Your baby will probably be awake for more pictures than during a newborn session during an older newborn session.
Because not all newborns are awake and comfortable enough during the session, we may only be able to get one or two images of your baby with their eyes open during a newborn session. It is highly likely that some of the pictures taken during an older newborn session may show your baby awake. Depending on your baby’s age, there may be fewer or more photos of him or her awake.

For instance, a baby who is 4 weeks old often snoozes deeper and longer throughout the session than a baby who is 8 weeks old. Therefore, it’s possible that more pictures show them asleep. There will be a difference in the ratio of family photos to solely baby photos.

Because your baby is likely to sleep for longer and be more adaptable during the first two weeks, a newborn session spends more time focusing on photographing your infant alone than an older newborn session. This entails that we can take more and longer photos of them alone in various locations.

Newborn babies that are older usually spend more time awake. Babies are notoriously wriggly when they are awake. In order to assist the infant stay peaceful and relaxed, we include parents (and siblings, if appropriate) in some of the awake images. As a result, around one-third of the images from a newborn session will normally be family photos, with the remaining two thirds featuring just your infant. During an older newborn session, approximately half of the photos will normally be of your family and the other half will be of your baby alone.

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We trust that this guide has adequately explained how a newborn session could differ from one with an older newborn. To book a newborn or older newborn picture shoot, please get in touch here. We are confident that you’ll want to make an informed decision about the photographer you select for your child.