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Why is an engagement session essential?

“Mmm, we don’t really think we need an engagement session,” we often hear. It’s an area where we frequently argue that something is more vital than couples know. As a professional photography and videography company, part of our mission at Buffalo Photography Pros is to offer knowledge and help clients make the best decision for their situation. We’ll go over the top three reasons why an engagement session is so valuable in this article.

Confidence is built

Being photographed might make people feel uneasy. Couples become worried because they don’t want their unease to show in their wedding photos. We understand – being in front of the camera is awkward (which is one of the reasons we prefer to stay behind it)! The purpose of our team’s confidence-building efforts is always twofold. We want clients to have faith in us as professional photographers and videographers while also believing in their own skills. We want their initial reaction to their gallery to be, “Wow, we look terrific!” We can achieve that! “

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It improves comfortability

We make it a priority for couples to feel more at ease with us after their engagement session. Similarly, we want to leave the session knowing more about them! On a typical wedding day, we spend roughly 8 hours with the bride and husband. It goes a long way to get to know each other ahead of time! It allows us to spend more time laughing and having fun with couples. And how do you appear while you’re having a good time? Pretty impressive!

A session of engagement is a study of what works

Finally, an engagement session provides us with additional information that allows us to better serve couples on their wedding day. For example, we occasionally discover that certain stances do not suit our clients’ characteristics. Certain positions may be more flattering for some clients than others. This information is crucial. I don’t waste the time we spend together – we take notes and review the session/notes before the wedding so that we are fully prepared.

We haven’t even mentioned how lovely it is to have engagement photos, which are frequently used for ‘Save the Date’ cards! While this is true, the three reasons we’ve listed above are the most compelling reasons why an engagement session is well worth your time.

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In conclusion, it is essential for a couple to have an engagement session to start up the best things that will happen on the wedding day and what the things that need to be done. If after reading this article you still do not want to have an engagement and you want to go straight to the wedding day, it is your prerogative. However, if you are a groom that wants to keep the memory from the day of the proposal up to the wedding day, our team is ready to help you and assist you to create a great memory to treasure. To know more about us you can visit our website or you are welcome to come directly to our physical office where we can immediately know your plans.